Merrychef Oven Cleaner, Merrychef Oven Protector

Merrychef Oven Cleaner & Protector

Merrychef Oven Protector is a specially formulated protective treatment for Merrychef Combination Ovens. Oven Protector is not a cleaner but an easy-clean barrier coating applied and left on during oven usage. Merrychef Oven Protector helps prevent carbon and grease build up on the interior oven surfaces making cleaning easier.

It should be applied every day onto the internal surfaces of a clean, cold oven. For best results use daily after cleaning the oven with Merrychef Oven Cleaner then apply a thin film coating of Merrychef Oven Protector using a sponge. The use of any other cleaning products not recommended by Merrychef could result in damage to the oven and invalidate the product warranty.

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About Obtainwise

Obtainwise was first incorporated in 1992 as an independent, family-owned business. We are specialists in consumable items for 'High Speed' / 'Rapid Cook' ovens, (Turbochef and Merrychef etc),  as well as cleaning and hygiene products for catering and other commercial outlets.  Our strong commitment to quality, high standards of service and more than 30 years of experience make Obtainwise the number one choice for our growing customer base.

What Makes us Different?

Since 1999 we have worked closely with 'High Speed' / 'Rapid Cook' oven manufacturers including TurboChef Technologies, Merrychef and directly with our large chain customers to develop a range of consumables approved for use TurboChef, Merrychef and other rapid cook ovens.  We are passionate about maintaining our reputation for excellent service and reliability.  With a solution-based approach, we aim to help every one of our customers to have complete confidence in all of the products we recommend. 

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